Project Description


Working on the Law offices of Edward Weisz was a challenge, but one that I enjoyed participating in. With over thirty years of experience in the practice of Immigration Law and Personal Injury Law. Edward Weisz was a member of both the California and New York State Bars and has been admitted to both the Federal Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal throughout the United States of America. He has also taught many courses dealing with Personal Injury Law and Immigration Law to other attorneys. Additionally, Mr. Weisz has conducted seminars for Judges and Lawyers Associations and served as a Judge Protem in the Los Angeles County Court System.

Before and After Redesign

CBDDaily had been around for around since January of 2017 and was seeing an average of 2k in web shop sales. The site needed an aesthetic update, instagram, facebook, and more information. I suggested the use of blogs for all the sites not the least was this website. The inclusion of Instagram, and more sections describing what exactly the company did to give back also had helped. Descriptions of what some of the better products did in the form of sliders, and branding images helped the site skyrocket to what it has grown into today.



SEO and Google Analytics

The introduction of site speed optimization, SEO, and installing Google Analytics to be able to track vital information was a game changer for CBD Daily. These three things (with the inclusion of blogs) were the single largest driver of new organic traffic to CBD Daily. The site went from making roughly 2k a month to well over 90k!

The site now enjoyed 44 thousand customers a month!

That is a 4400% Increase!