Who am I?

My name is Michael Raysh founder and Lead developer of CognaNova. I am currently working as a freelance Web Developer in Woodland Hills, Hollywood, and East Los Angeles, CA. My journey is a long and some say interesting one. I was born in a country that no longer exists: The Soviet Union. My parents wishing for a better life and not agreeing with the policies of the Communist regime decided to risk everything and move to the United States. We lived in New York for a little while before moving to sunny California. I was always interested in the arts and remember drawing at a young age. My father worked hard as a delivery person for Pink Dot, but in the meantime took night classes to further his education since diploma’s from the Soviet Union account for next to nothing in the States. My father recognized the importance of discipline and hard work and asked me one day after watching the cult hit “BloodSport” if I wanted to take Martial Arts. I didn’t hesitate to say yes and was soon enrolled in a Tae Kwon Do dojo in Hollywood. I excelled in Martial arts and gained valuable attributes such as discipline, integrity, and the importance of hardwork. In my adult life, I have applied these attributes into my professional work.

Areas of Expertise

Graphics (PhotoShop/Illustrator)
Content writing/creation

Some of my highlights

My favorite project to date is a hobby project of mine by the name of MyTotalOpimization.com. The project is ongoing and is meant to provide quality articles, health and nutrition plans, exercise routines, and recommended products to excel in your quest for nutrition and health.

My highest accomplishment was a redesign of CBDDailyProducts.com, adding in technical SEO, a blog section, and keywords and content into key pages, facilitating a growth in the website, and as a result a 600% increase in sales!

How it started:

After working at the company for about a month and being the webmaster for 7 different websites, I noticed that nearly no SEO was done to any of the websites.

I asked permission to begin SEO, and after a brief exaplanation and actions report, I started doing some SEO for CBDDailyProducts.com.

At one point, about 3 months after the initial process which included much needed SEO, our company had reached the 1st position and 1st page for several key items, including the high keyword search of “CBD Shampoo”, “CBD Conditioner”. Both companies (EmeraHairCare, CBDDailyProducts) were 1st and 2nd place, with the 1st being CBDDailyproducts, and the 2nd being EmeraHairCare. Two sites which I had worked on.

See below: In late December, just before the Holiday break, the changes to the website were complete. Soon after CBDDailyProducts.com began experiencing a surge in organic traffic, resulting in a surge in Sales. By July, of that same year, sales were up 600% from just 6 months ago!

My tenure at EarthlyBody yielded CBD Daily Products to skyrocket to page one and in many instances position 1 on Google, and Bing. In less than 3 months we were picked up by dozens of publications which could be seen here.

See below:  This graph illustrates when the changes for CBDDaily Products were made. In less than 6 months we had experienced a 600% growth in revenue from January.

CBD Daily organic ahref results

  1. I start out by planning a basic scope of the project. What does a project need? What is its function? Will a site be a personal site? Will it need customers? Will it thrive on SEO? All these concepts go into the core principle outline of the project.
  2. After the initial planning phase, a mock-up is created. Free of charge. This mock-up provides the basic look and feel of the project. Any images or logo’s in this part of the planning is very useful to have.
  3. Next comes the design, the layout, the look and feel of the project. Will this project be engaging to the end user? Will it be mostly content? An informative site? All of these components are taken into account and executed.
  4. At this point, we show the progress of your site and communicate closely with you on what needs to be changed, formatted, or included.
  5. Here, we finalize all content and if the appropriate package has been purchased, we optimize your entire site with SEO, and show you a score that guarantees a 90 or higher with Google.
  6. The final step, we hand over your site to you, and offer free training on how to maintain your site. We teach you how you yourself can include any new blog posts, content, products, images, etc.
  7. Viola! Your website is complete! I will continue helping and guiding you through the entire process. 2 hours of training are free followed by a small fee. We are also available for continued monthly support for a small fee.

I have a passion for creating beautiful websites, but in my off time I like to:

  • Practice martials arts, including Jiu Jitsu.
  • Go to the gym when time permits.
  • Watch new movies.
  • Cook new cultural cuisines! This is where the internet shines for me.
  • Play role playing rpg’s including Baldurs gate and the fallout series.
  • Read read and read some more! Some of my favorites series include the Silo series, the Lord of the Rings, and the KingKiller Chronicles.
  • Hang out with my awesome one and a half year old son, Alex!

Sashenka at 1 year and 2 months

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Some of my recent work