Project Description


Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop readability

All of my sites are created from the ground up to be mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. Check out the site today on any device!

Before and After Redesign

CBDDaily had been around for around since January of 2017 and was seeing an average of 2k in web shop sales. The site needed an aesthetic update, instagram, facebook, and more information. I suggested the use of blogs for all the sites not the least was this website. The inclusion of Instagram, and more sections describing what exactly the company did to give back also had helped. Descriptions of what some of the better products did in the form of sliders, and branding images helped the site skyrocket to what it has grown into today.



SEO and Google Analytics

The benefit of creating a site from scratch with no limitations, is that every page and product can be search engine optimized to its exact specifications from the get go. Google Analytics was installed a week after mobile and tablet testing was complete, and the site was indexed to go live. The entire website with no assets, images, or text took about a month to complete. The website went from nearly no organic traffic from conception to being ranked for the following keywords on page 1 of Google for EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT!

CBD Shampoo

CBD Conditioner

CBD Scalp Therapy

CBD Detangler

CBD Hair Serum