Blogging on your website is an imperative part of gaining followers, organic traffic, and overall improving the SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Engaging, new, and trending content can really help your site be visible to users on Google. In fact organic traffic is THE most important source of traffic, and coincidentally, if done right, also the cheapest! Here is How to add blogs in WordPress!

This is how you will add a new blog post in WordPress, it’s also the foundation of how to create new pages.


  • Open the website you want to add media to
  • For this example we will use
  • Type in into the url
  • login with your credentials (you should already have these, if you do not, log into your host and request your admin username and password for WordPress).


Uploading Media

If you want to upload media (image, videos, pdf’s) go to Media on the left side bar and select Add New.

Either upload the media you want to use, or drag it into the dashed box.

Uploading Media

You will now see a division below where you uploaded your media that has the name of your media.


Creating a new page

  • Find pages on the left column and select Add New


Adding a new page to WordPress


This page can be daunting to an inexperienced user, but know that it can be broken down into steps and tackled one by one. In the image above there are 9 fields that are interesting to us at this time. They are broken down below into what they are.

How to add blogs in WordPress – Adding a Page

1.) Add Title = This is what your page will be called, and what you will see at the head of the page once its finished. (To remove this feature scroll to the bottom of the page under Header > Display Header choose no.) For example the “products” part after is the page title!


2.) Fusion Builder = This is an easy way to build pages and layouts. Keep in mind, not every Theme will have the fusion builder, but it is pretty common. You can also purchase the Fusion Builder here. Specify how many columns you want, and add media, text, or any other elements as desired.


3.) Live Builder = This is a front end way to build out pages. Good for quick deployment but doesn’t give you as much control or options.


5.) Add media = Here is where you can add media to your pages. Images, videos, woocommerce shortcodes, etc.


6.) Your page content is where your actual content lives. (Switching to Fusion builder will appear here, or you can add code, or you can start adding images and text right into the page content. Keep in mind what method you choose will depend on how much control you need.) A three boxed layout for example will need to be coded into the text. Three boxes without any styling can be done in Fusion builder.


7.) SEO and Visibility – Visibility refers to who can see your page. Public means anyone can see it. You can also set a password for this page by editing the visibility to password protected. SEO is done at the bottom, and the results from best to worst- or non-existent (green, orange, red) will show up here.


8.) Feautred Image This will be the main image above all your content. If this is a blog the featured image will be the image that the blog post will have.


9.) Publish – Once the entire page is created, hit Publish to publish it live to your site. It is now an active visible page on your website.


That’s it, you’re done. You now know How to add blogs in WordPress! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I will answer any questions, if time permits!